Pax Avatar

"What's In A Name ?"

I am often asked how the name  Pax Avatar came into being.  So briefly, Pax comes from the Latin word for Peace.   I have a four year certificate in traditional scripture with a very strong Benedictine influence; and this is likely where the name evolved.  I have always felt that my mission in life is to serve others.  The first time I had heard the word Avatar, I knew it was the missing component:  before I ever knew what it meant.  An Avatar is an evolved soul that has come to earth to help other souls evolve.   In my own perception, an Avatar is a guardian.  And, as you get to know me you realize how descriptive of me this is.


I had my first theophanic (experiencing the presence of God) when I was 10 years old.  As a child I experienced the Christ personally.  And, try as I may, I never quite fit into the traditional religious role.  I went to a large Catholic University where my feelings of separation became intensified.  After experiencing what I would consider my 'dark night of the soul', I again began having visits from the Christ. I graduated from university with a double-major:  psychology and social sciences.  I went on to do my masters work in medical sociology.  After which, I worked in a psychiatric care setting.

I have always known myself as a healer; and think of myself first and primarily as such.  My primary psychic gift is that of a clairsentient.  Even as a child, I could clearly feel and know others thoughts and emotions.  I have been a reiki level 2  practitioner since 1997.  More recently, I have completed my masters training.  Reiki has been the biggest single influence on my life; and it has been a key to more fully developing my psychic potential.  Through daily meditation and chakra balancing, I have found that my gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience have become even more enhanced.

I used to find consolation in the concept that 'there are many paths; but one mountain'.  I have grown to believe that this is an illusionary concept.  In reality, there is but one mountain; and the paths are the same.  It is all a matter of perception influenced by self and focus.  I gratefully acknowledge that the path that I follow is eclectic in nature.  I have had many teachers (most of whom never knew their role). I participate in traditions which encompass both Western and Eastern spiritualities, Wiccan, African, and other shamanic traditions.  I am an ordained minister and have led services in many of these traditions.

I work with three primary spirit guides:  one of which is my reiki master in spirit.  My reiki master does change in appearance and has come to me both in human and animal form.  While occasionally my guides do come to me in a reading, they are far more prevalent in my personal meditations.  They have taught me to recognize the in-dwelling source; and to journey inward for my answers rather than look to the external.  My understanding of who I am as a clairsentient is in acknowledging the Namaste' (the divine source in me honors the divine source within you)  and taking it one step further.  It is recognizing the deity that resides in me is the same deity that resides within you.  Separation is an illusion: in reality we are one in the same.  When you can identify the divinity within yourself you begin to recognize that you are omniscient.  You, indeed, already possess all knowledge and all-power to create the life that you desire.









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