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What is Reflexology ?

Reflexology is a natural, drug-free treatment apply special pressure massage techniques to precise reflex points located on the feet or hands.

These reflex points are believed to correspond to each and every gland, organ and part of the body.

Reflexology helps to activate the body's own healing and cleansing mechanisms; bringing the body to a natural state of balance.

Is Reflexology a New Form of Therapy?

The answer is no.  There is evidence showing that reflexology was practiced by ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago.

Many ancient cultures have a tradition of working on the feet to help the body balance itself and Reflexology is believed to have been an integral part of ancient Indian, Oriental and European healing practices.

Reflexology can provide a valuable contribution by assisting and helping the support of modern health care.

Drawing from the tomb of Ankhmahor in Egypt dating back to 2330 BC
showing a treatment being performed upon the feet and hands.


What conditions can be helped?

Any condition where the body's systems are out of balance may be helped by Reflexology.  Some conditions that may be helped by reflexology include:

Promotion of Deep Relaxation
Reducing Stress
Improving Circulation
Boosting the Immune System
Increasing Energy Levels
Stress Related Conditions
Sleeping Disorders
Hay Fever
Aches and Pains
Hormonal Imbalances
And Many, Many More .......

A Reflexologist will not use the treatment to diagnose any conditions.  Reflexology is not a substitute for seeking medical advice from your own doctor.  Reflexology is used to help you become aware of any imbalances in your body; and to help you achieve and maintain optimum health.


Who can have Reflexology treatments?


Reflexology is safe for people of all ages (including babies, children and the elderly).  Many people have Reflexology done to help with a wide range of common conditions and also use it as a preventative measure or because they have a specific physical or emotional problem.  Both acute and chronic conditions may benefit from Reflexology when used alongside orthodox medicine.




What Happens During a Treatment?

In your first session, your Reflexologist will take a full consultation.  This will help build a picture of your health.  It will give a good idea for your reason for treatment and your expectations of treatment.

You will be asked about any current, recent or past medical treatment, about your lifestyle and the quality of your diet.  This information helps your Reflexologist to create a treatment plan that is best suited to your own personal needs.

After answering any questions you will be asked to remove any footwear and you will be placed in a comfortable position, ready for treatment.  The session will begin with an examination of your feet, followed by some relaxation techniques before each of the reflex points are worked upon.

Pressure applied to your reflex point may be strong but should never be uncomfortable.  During your treatment you may be aware of some slight discomfort due to tender reflex areas.  This may indicate that a part of the body is out of balance and requires extra attention.  Please communicate any discomfort to your Reflexologist.  A Light Touch Repetition works as well as any brute force and there should never be need for discomfort.

Your Reflexologist will provide you with aftercare advice to help make the treatment more effective.

Should I Tell My Doctor?


If you are currently undergoing medical treatment, please do mention that you are going to have Reflexology done to your own doctor.

Your Reflexologist will be happy to work along with your GP.

Does Reflexology have any side effects?

It is common for certain conditions to temporarily worsen for up to 24 hours after treatment.  This is usually due to the body adjusting and beginning its natural healing process. 

Many people find Reflexology deeply relaxing and sleep very well after a treatment.

Visiting the toilet more frequently and a runny nose are both common reactions after a treatment.  This is due to the body ridding itself of unwanted toxins.

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