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Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese form of hands-on-healing.  Rei is a Japanese word translated as “universal”. Ki is the Japense word for that energy which flows through all living things.  Reiki holds no religious affiliation, it is merely a technique for accessing and transferring the "universal life-force energy" (divine source) that surrounds us for healing purposes.   The reiki practitioner allows this universal energy to flow through their body; and transfers the energy from themselves to the client.  In essence the practitioner is merely the conduit of delivery to the client.  Reiki heals on four levels:  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  When introduced to the body, reiki gives every cell the opportunity to heal, harmonize and balance down to its DNA level.  Thus, the body is given opportunity to return to its anatomically perfect state. 

The tradition of reiki that I use is referred to as the Usui method.  Dr. Mikao Usui was a teacher at Christian school in Japan. During the course of his teachings he had been questioned by his students as to whether or not he understood the Bible. When he told them yes.  They asked him to explain how healing and miracles worked.  When Mr Usui realized that there was a piece missing, he set out to the United States to study Christianity.  During the course of his studies he spoke with the leaders of many churches to ask if they knew how to heal.  The answer was always the same.  "We go to doctors for healing the body.  We focus on healing the spirit."  After obtaining his Doctorate of Theology, Dr. Usui headed back to Japan.  In his studies of comparative theology Dr Usui discovered the Buddha and the amazing parallels between the miracles/healings of Christ and Buddha.  Dr Usui began his questioning to the Buddhist temples to learn to heal.  The temples gave him the same answers.  "We go to doctors for healing the body.  We focus on healing the spirit." 

It was at the very last temple - the very smallest in Tokyo that Dr Usui found a glimmer of hope.  When he asked if the temple knew how to heal the body, the answer he got was "not any longer."  The monk then explained to him that we have been focused on healing the spirit so long that we forgot how to heal the body.  Dr Usui threw his hands up in exasperation and exclaimed, "This is the end!"  The monk corrected him; and told him in Zen they would never say that it is the end; but rather , "This is the beginning."   Dr Usui asked and was granted permission to move in with the monks to study.  He continued to study for three years; digging progressively deeper.  He found the knowledge of reiki deep in the original sanskrit sutra documents.  But, knowledge was no good without power.  Dr Usui then set out for a twenty-one day fast on a nearby mountain.  On the twenty-first day, the light of reiki was bestowed upon him.  Many believe that  the reiki that Dr Usui discovered is the same method by which Buddha and Jesus have healed. 


The tradition of teaching reiki is handed down by the transmission of meditation and touch from the reiki master to student.  There are three levels of reiki that are studied.

Reiki Level One: concentrates on the principles of reiki, its history, and the basic hand positions, and familiarizing the student with the Chakra System (click here to learn more about chakras) and a basic introduction to meridians.The student is introduced to one symbol  which primary purpose is to magnify the effect of their healing energy.  Level one strictly focuses on the physical level of the body.

Reiki Level Two:   concentrates further on the principles of reiki.  The student is introduced to three reiki symbols.  One of  which opens the client on a physical level to receiving healing. Another which opens the client to more clear communication and dealing with emotions attached to the disease.  The third symbol is the symbol used for distant healing when the client can not be present.

Reiki Level Three/ Master/Teacher: concentrates on greater spiritual growth.  Level three is for the student that is seriously committed to reiki.  At level three you learn the attunement processes to pass reiki on to your own students.  Depending upon the lineage of your teacher, you will learn the master symbol and up to two other symbols at this time. 

The Benefits of Reiki: Increases Creativity, Balances Energy, Release Lodged Emotions, Releases Blocks to Wholeness, Relieves Stress, Amplifies Vitality, Increases Awareness, Increases Serotonin and Endorphin Levels to Reduce Pain, Supports and Activates the Body's Natural Capacity to Heal Itself











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