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Tarot / Past Life Spreads

As a special thank you to my on-going customers, all reads are available in a package deal. Purchase 9 reads (of same price, messenger or email) and receive the 10th read free. Gift Certificates are also available.

Daily Card of Concentration ($15): This is a monthly subscription; and can start on any day of the month. Each day a new card will be drawn for you with an area of concentration.

General 3 Card Spread ($10): An overview of Past, Present, Future. Can be very generalized or focused on one area of your life.

Advice Spread ($10): An overview of Situation, Challenge and Outcome. Please focus on one area of your life.

The Self-Knowledge Spread ($10): An overview of Situation, Challenge and Outcome. Please focus on one area of your life.

The Celtic Cross Spread (modified plus two) ($20): The Celtic Cross is one of the best known spreads used in tarot today. It consists of two parts: a small cross and a staff, which is symbolic of an Irish standing cross. This Spread can be used for a general reading or as a tool for answering specific questions. 1) The Current Situation, 2) Immediate Influences, 3) The Ultimate Goal/Destiny, 4) Distant Past, 5) Recent Past, 6) Future Influences, 7) Current Attitude, 8)Environmental/Outside factors, 9) Inner Feelings/Emotions (Hopes & Fears), 10) Final Outcome PLUS: as I mentioned that I do a modified Celtic cross. Here is where the modification comes in. I add two more cards to the spread. 11) The first card is an indication of what will happen if you do nothing at all. 12)And, the second card, is representational of what the final outcome of the situation has the potential to be if take action.

Relationship Spread ($15): The Relationship spread has three sections: The triangle to the left represents yourself. The trainge on the right represents significant relationship. The card in the middle is the advice card that forms a bridge between the two.

The Horoscope Spread ($20): The Horoscope Spread is representative of the twelve astrological houses: 1) Outer Personality, 2) Values and Resources, 3) Communication, 4) Home and family, 5) Creativity, 6) Work, 7) Relationships, 8) Sexuality, 9) Spiritual Aspirations, 10) Ambition, Career, 11) Aspirations, 12) Unconscious Fears.

The Consequences Spread ($15): The Counsequences Spread is a seven card layout and is extremely useful if you are faced with a difficult decision to make. 1) Current Situation, 2) Immediate Prospects, 3) Past Actions, 4) Future Actions, 5) Individual Potential, 6) Outside Influences, 7) Outcome

The Horseshoe Spread ($15): The Horsehoe Spread consists of 5 cards and demonstrates the individual's present desires and perspective on the future. This spread can reveal both what is evident and what is hidden from view in your life. 1) The Present Position, 2) Present desires, 3) The Unexpected, 4) Immediate future, 5) The Outcome.

The Wish Spread ($25): The Wish Spread is used when you want to know if something definite will manifest and consists of 15 cards. 1,2,3) Describe what surrounds you. 4,5,6) Are Factors Describing your Wish, 7,8,9) Factors Opposing You, 10,11,12) What Comes to your House, 13,14,15) What you will Realize.

The Star of David Spread ($15): An overview of Situation, Challenge and Outcome. Please focus on one area of your life. The Star of David Spread is used to examine conflictin a situation.

The Life Spread (50 cards) ($75): The Life Spread is used to give a general reading regarding the spiritual, intellectual, and spiritual trends.


Ever wonder why you do some of the things that you do?

It could be related to a Past Life !!!

1 Card Sample ($25): Reading will include a thorough background of the community / life in which you lived.

7 Card Reading ($120): Reading will represent up to 7 lives which you have lived. Final Summary Reading will be done explaining what the message for each of your lives is for you today.

3 Card Gift Certificate ($60): Looking for something a little out of the ordinary for a special person in your life? Give them a certificate for a mini Past Life Reading.
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